Posted by: brian@beachhausbeer | April 19, 2010

BlueClaws Opening Day 2010

2010 BlueClaws Opening Day Ceremony

It wasn’t exactly ideal conditions for the Lakewood BlueClaws opening day for the 2010 season.  The temperature was in the low 40s and rain was being whipped around by gusting winds.  Cars were filing out, as my Dad and I drove into the stadium parking lot.  We got there about ten minutes before the scheduled start of 7:05 PM.

At about 7:15 the weather started to clear, although it was still bitter cold. The grounds crew removed the tarp and began to prepare the field.  The players were announced and the South Atlantic League title banner was raised in center field to honor the BlueClaws’ victory over the Greenville Drive in the 2009 League Championships.

The game got underway and the Greensboro Grasshoppers went down 1-2-3 in the top of the first.  The BlueClaws came to bat and Jiwan James started off the inning with a single to right field.  Leandro Castro sacrifice bunted to advance James to second.  Anthony Hewitt came to bat,  he hung in for a few pitches and then fouled off a ball that shot in our direction.  The ball flew over our heads,  hit the brick wall of the concession stand behind the area where we were standing.  The ball bounced off the ground and ricocheted on the arms and bodies of the crowd of people grasping for the opening day souvenir. No one could grab it. The ball continued to bounce in our direction.  My dad turned around, got into a fielders position as the ball hopped right into his hands.  At that moment, a stranger from the crowd, an older man, yells over, “Look at that, the oldest kid in the park got the ball”.  I laughed, but my dad didn’t notice the remark, he was still admiring the ball.  It was the first he had ever caught at a baseball game.

The game continued without as much excitement as our first inning foul ball and not much action from either team. Unfortunately, the game ended with the Blueclaws facing a tough 3-2 loss to Greensboro.


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