Posted by: merk@beachhausbeer | May 7, 2010

Lake Como 5k

Many say this is the race that starts the 5k season at the Jersey Shore! While not technically true the race does have a habit of falling under clear skies and lots of sun shine. This years run took place on April 24 and the weather was great!

I run a number of 5k’s throughout the season but this was my first jaunt through Lake Como. The runners started at Bar A and ran through the town around the lake by the town’s name and back to Bar A. At the conclusion of the run we were treated to burgers, dogs and beers!

For those of you who don’t know BAR A (BAR ANTICIPATION) it is an icon of the Jersey Shore. My buddy André from Germany once described it as paradise. Having grown up at the Jersey Shore I’m a believer too even after all of these years. Despite the fact most of the folks present had just busted their humps completing a 5k everyone got into instant chill mode.

I would not even think of missing this race next year. It’s a definite way to Celebrate a 5k and the Jersey Shore!


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