Posted by: brian@beachhausbeer | May 17, 2010

Getting Ready for MS Coast the Coast Ride

Heading to the Mountain Bike Trails at Allaire State Park

The Coast the Coast ride to support the fight against MS is a week away.  The Beach Haus Bike Team has raised $2000 for the cause. We’re really proud of everyone’s efforts.  Great job for our first year as an official team!

Since it was such a nice day on Saturday, Melanie and I decided to head over to Allaire State Park for a ride to get ready for the MS 25 miler on May 22.

We pulled into the parking lot off of Hospital Road in Wall around 1PM.  Amongst the other cars in the lot, there was a rep from GT Bikes with a huge demo of about 30 mountain bikes set-up under a big tree.  He was offering loaner rides to anyone that was interested in a GT Bike. We passed on the offer and headed off to the trails.

We like to ride the White and the Orange Trails. Both are single-track trails with up-hill and down-hill sections.  The Orange Trail has a long switchback section that’s a fun ride on the mostly downhill portion and a great workout on the uphill part.  These trails cut through sections of the park amongst scattered pine trees and densely wooded areas, on the banks of the Manasquan River and through patches of sandy soil.

Along the way we ran into multiple groups of Boy Scouts, who were staying at the Allaire State Park campgrounds for the weekend, and some horseback riders as well as the occasional horse “bomb” on the trails.

We biked about 20 miles and called it quits. We felt pretty good after the ride and think we’re prepared for the Coast the Coast ride this coming Saturday.  If you’re interested in supporting our team’s efforts in the fight against MS, check out our team site for more details. Thanks.


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