Posted by: brian@beachhausbeer | June 2, 2010

Summer is officially here!

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Every year during Memorial Day weekend, the media refers to this as the unofficial start to summer.  Well, this past weekend was the official start of summer for us and for all the communities along the Jersey Shore.  With weather conditions like we had this weekend, I don’t think anyone can argue that summer is here.

After staying close to home on Saturday and Sunday, Melanie and I decided to head down to Long Beach Island on Memorial Day.  As we drove south on the Parkway, we could see that the weekend beach goers were headed back home as the traffic was moving at a crawl on the north side.  Since we were headed in the opposite direction of the crowds, our ride to LBI was an easy one.

We continued to Barnegat Lighthouse to walk down the very long jetty and spend some time on the beach.  It was a perfect day!…  The temperature was in the 80’s, clear blue skies overhead with the occasional wispy cloud and a nice breeze.  It was high tide when we arrived and the long jetty was packed with fisherman.  We even ran into a few spear fisherman and watched them dive over and over, right along side the jetty.  They were fishing for striper, but weren’t having any luck.

The ocean conditions were calm so there were lots of boats moving in and out of Barnegat Inlet.  We saw groups of jet skiers racing down the inlet checking the ocean conditions and turning back.  They must have been looking for a specific break that occurs at the point of the jetty.  I’ve seen dozens of jet skiers doing tricks and flips at that break in the past.  I hope to post a video of it here someday.  Unfortunately, the conditions weren’t right for it on Memorial Day.

We continued onto the beach and set-up our spot for some lunch.  We ate lunch and got some sun while catching all the sites and sounds of the beach scene: banner planes flying overhead, jet skis, boats, fisherman, wake boarders and crashing waves.  We relaxed and enjoyed it all for a while, then we walked back over the long jetty to our car for the drive home.

On our way out of LBI we made a quick stop at the Custard Hut for a few scoops of their delicious custards.  I had vanilla and black raspberry, Melanie had moose tracks.  It was a great way to finish the day at LBI…and to officially start the summer.

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  1. Check out and plan your trip before going to LBI.

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