Posted by: merk@beachhausbeer | June 27, 2010

Sunset and Moonrise on the Metedeconk

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June 25th marked the last day of school for most students attending Brick Public Schools . Traditional treats for the children at the Jersey Shore might be some pizza at a favorite shop followed by some ice cream or Italian Ice.

This year our family received an invite from neighbor and Friend Captain Dave to join him and his family on a cruise of the Metedeconk River. The seas were calm so all aboard were able to fully enjoy the journey.

Highlights included passing by Heron Island (and seeing some actual Heron) and watching the Sunset and Moonrise. (check out the pics). We even got a chance to swing by the River Belle and River Queen boats. From the looks of things those folks were having a good time dancing and drinking libations as well!
The beauty of this simple night is that views and sounds were the entertainment and the show is available just about any day/night. An accessible yet commonly overlooked pleasure.



  1. Yeah, we took in a killer sunset at the Asbury Park Dog Beach tonight…Classic Jersey Shore action – just needed some Beach Haus!

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