Posted by: brian@beachhausbeer | July 6, 2010

Oceanfest Independence Day celebration on the promenade in Long Branch

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After spending a few hours at Monmouth Park the previous day, we decided to take a ride to Long Branch for the Oceanfest Independence Day Celebration on the promenade.  They claim that it’s the largest Independence Day celebration in New Jersey.  After seeing it for ourselves, I don’t think they are exaggerating.

Despite the 100 degree scorching temperature, the promenade was bustling.  There were crowds of people visiting a variety of vendors, from booths with handmade items, fresh lemonade stands, ice cream, BBQ, seafood and many others.  We enjoyed some tasty grilled beef kabobs and large amounts of lemonade.

We walked the promenade and checked out all the vendors. In addition to the vendors, there were bands playing, sand sculptors and entertainment for the kids.  The ocean was as calm as a lake, with kayakers paddling along the shoreline and beach umbrellas dotting every few feet.  Most people were taking the occasional dip in the water to cool off and returning to the cover of their umbrellas to escape the hot sun. It looked like a good way to relax and enjoy Independence Day.

Further down the beach, the pryotechnists were setting up the launchers for what looked to be a huge fireworks display.  We weren’t able to stay around for the fireworks, since we were joining family and friends for an afternoon BBQ back home.

We walked back to our car at Seven Presidents Beach parking lot, but stopped at the new, impressive Lighthouse Italian Ice for a quick squeeze cup before returning home.


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