Posted by: merk@beachhausbeer | July 18, 2010

Windward Beach – Princeton Ave, Brick NJ

Windward Beach is located on Princeton Ave in Brick, NJ.
It is home to the Summerfest Celebrations, and is enjoyed by sun bathers and swimmers alike. While it is comparatively very small to many of the other beaches it is also one of the more quiet beaches. There is no boardwalk, there are no arcades or restaurants. Just a beach and a playground. Sun Worshipers can do just that. And young children can enjoy the relatively calm water.

Today, we headed out to the docks for some snapper fishing. We were tipped off by a neighbor that they were catching bucket loads of the juvenile blue fish. Unfortunately we missed the run and did not get many bites ourselves but we heard all the stories from those who had been fishing there all day. Folks were also crabbing off the docs and there were quite a few BIG BLUE CLAWS being caught.

What we failed to catch on our lines was more than made up for by the beautiful sunset we witnessed. By this time there were only a handful of folks fishing. Many of us commented that this was the true catch of the day!

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  1. Are there restrooms at Windward Beach?

  2. Yes, there are restrooms that are fairly well maintained. There is also a lot of open space with just trees. Perfect for picnics or games of soccer/baseball.

    The occasional tones of an ice cream truck stopping at the parking lot or a motor boat passing by the beach are about the only sounds that take away from the natural ambiance of a beach setting.

    There is now a $5.00 charge to sit on the beach, which came as quite a shock to the faithful but taken in stride by most as a sign of the times.


  3. Hi can you tell me if I can take my grandkids to the playground next Tuesday? is it open. they are 5, 7, 9. I have never been there, sound so nice. Thank you.


    • Hi Lyn,

      Absolutely. Make sure they bring their flip flops and their sneakers as there are playgrounds on the beach as well as on the grass. Enjoy!

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