Posted by: merk@beachhausbeer | September 17, 2010

Live Original Music at The Saint, Asbury Park

East Coast Beer Co. recently co-hosted a beer tasting at The Saint in Asbury Park.
If Asbury Park, NJ is not known to you as destination for original music…it should be.

For the past 30 years (post Bruce Springsteen) Asbury Park has been one of a handful of spots in NJ that has been reliable in delivering the very best Original Local and National acts! I have enjoyed my time at The Saint (now enjoying its 15th year of operation) both as a musician (Slave of Id, Artists That Kill) and a music lover.

Last night was no exception. While the weather kept many of the regulars at home no amount of rain, wind or tornado warnings could keep The Quick & Easy Boys from Portland, Oregon away. This being their 3rd performance at The Saint in the past 2 years.

Before their set I was taken back with just how outwardly friendly the group, a trio accompanied by two artists that share the stage with the band and collaborate on an original canvas painting throughout the set were towards those in attendance. Sure, musicians tend to be natural extroverts but with only about two dozen in attendance even the most seasoned act might just go through the motions.
Michael Goetz (Drums & Vocals) paid the first visit to our Beach Haus® Classic American Pilsner sampling section. One as to be very careful when talking about beer, especially craft beer, with folks from Oregon which is considered to be the Craft Beer capital of America. I quickly broke the ice as I poured his sample stating that our beer, at least in part, should feel like a bit of home as we use Mt. Hood hops. He chuckled and drank his sample, giving the obligatory “it’s good” response. Soon his band-mate’s, Sean Badders (Bass & Vocals) and Jimmy Russell (Guitar & Vocals) and artists buddies were also taking their samples. Each one had something nice to say about the beer and they totally dug and respected the local offering.

The Quick & Easy Boys began their set around 10:20PM and really BLEW ME AWAY!! Despite being in front of a somewhat smaller audience you would have thought they were playing live at the Garden. While technically extremely talented musicians, their precision on their instruments was not only matched but surpassed by their soulfulness and passion. You could really tell that they enjoyed playing each and every one of their songs and there was bond between the band that was deeper than just respect as fellow musicians. The fact that the drummer chose Beach Haus as his beverage of choice for the set was all the more special for me.

Back in the day I would have hung out with these guys all night and pounded some beers. But their busy tour schedule and my need to get some sleep prevented this. I did not get to say goodbye to the guys personally (as I had left just before their set ended) but you can be sure I will be on the lookout for these guys and you should to. Their latest album Red Light Rabbit,

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is available on iTunes.

Lastly, one has to appreciate and support places like The Saint. It is easy for any artists to get locked into one geography, but places around the country like The Saint are making sure folks like us can always catch an fresh new, or perhaps just unfamiliar act in a very casual setting.


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