Posted by: merk@beachhausbeer | February 23, 2011

LMAO at the Jersey Shore!

This past Sunday we were able to attend the inaugural Craft Brewed Comedy show at Jack’s Goal Line Stand in Long Branch. It was an event put together and hosted by Long Branch resident and local comedian Craig Mahoney and featured 5 comedians hailing from NJ and NY and was co-sponsored by Beach Haus® Classic American Pilsner.

Jack’s Goal Line Stand has over 40 Craft Beers on tap, great food and a great mix of people. This however would be their first comedy show. Comedy shows can be tricky though. Sometimes you are begging for more and other times you are begging for your money back. Each of the 5 comedians had a different style. Corey Reppond

Craig, creator and host of Craft Brewed Comedy...a feature at the Jersey Shore

, originally from Tennessee but now living in NJ spent time roasting the host and some in the crowd. His bit about people from Connecticut was particularly memorable. Comedian Brett Druck fashioned much of his set around his guitar strumming a few repetitive chords while wedging in peculiar and often funny observations and imaginative personal experiences. A particular favorite line of mine dealt with the topic of women cougars. Natty Bumpercar told us about his trip to the mall so he could use the restroom. Adam Lucidi perhaps made the most hilarious personal observations regarding the decor of Jack’s Goal Line Stand and Ben Rosenfeld had you laughing with his Michael Meyers meets Vincent Price meets Norm MacDonald (authors opinion) set.


Overall there was something for everyone and host Craig Mahoney had plenty of his own material sprinkled in throughout the night to keep things moving. Craig, God Bless You! 😉

Another show is set for March. Check our for more detail.



  1. What a thrilling write-up of a thrilling evening! I had a seriously swell time and can’t wait to get my brand of shenanigans back down shore-ward-way.

    Now – though – I go pass out . . . Twice!

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