Posted by: brian@beachhausbeer | February 28, 2012

Icy Plunge for a $1 Million Cause!

It might be a mild winter, but it still takes a slightly crazy person to jump into icy cold 40 degree water on wind whipping 40 degree day in February!…

Polar Bear Plungers racing into the icy surf!

…It was all for a great cause! Thousands gathered at the beach in Seaside Heights on Saturday, February 25th to brave the cold, icy water for a great cause.  The annual Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights collected over $1 Million to support the Special Olympics of New Jersey.

Most Plungers raced into the surf for a short, icy dip of their feet and then sped back to the beach for the warmth of their towels and dry clothes.  Other, more committed plungers spend a few more moments in the surf, enjoying the crisp air and chilly water. Then there are the truly hardcore Plunge Crazies. They stroll into the ocean, anticipating the refreshing feeling of the icy surf. Some of them getting in a few backstrokes while gazing up into the sky as if it were a 90 degree day in the middle of July.

After the event, the fun continues at local bars and restaurants, where the participants discuss the day’s adventure and share stories that will become legendary amongst their friends for years to come.

Most Plungers were glad to have contributed to the $1 Million fundraising effort and are anticipating all of the warm, real beach days that are still to come at the Jersey Shore…



  1. makes me proud to be a Jersey girl!

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