Best friends since high school, John Merklin and Brian Ciriaco spent considerable time traveling both domestically and abroad for work and leisure. Both of them, sharing a mutual love for the Jersey Shore and one of their favorite past times, drinking local craft beer.

Whether it was Merk’s frequent trips throughout Europe, or Brian‘s time spent in South and Central America, there was no shortage of good memories and stories about the local customs, food and especially the beers of these regions. While traveling together throughout the U.S., Brian and Merk also realized (like many) that the American brewing landscape, once extinguished during prohibition, was again thriving, even rivaling their world counterparts.

Brian and Merk often discussed starting a business together, but they had never agreed on the perfect idea that inspired and motivated them to actually start a new venture, until Merk was on one particularly boring flight in January of 2007.  He began to read the book Beer School, co-written by the founders of Brooklyn Brewery. After finishing the book in record time, an epiphany had been struck. Much like the founders of Brooklyn Brewery, whose inspiration was to revitalize the former Brewing Mecca of Brooklyn, Brian and Merk would start a beer company at the Jersey Shore and create a beer style that reflected the attitude and spirit of those who enjoy the area. In short they wanted to create something to celebrate the place they called home and many call their vacation paradise!

Together with the help of some talented partners and dedicated friends they launched East Coast Brewing Company in August of 2007 which simultaneously debuted their first beer, Beach Haus® Classic American Pilsner. Learn more about our beer at the Beach Haus Beer website.

This blog site is our tribute to the authentically, great things that we all love about the Jersey Shore!…

We believe people come from a great many cool places where there is always at least one MUST SEE venue or landmark, one type of food that you just have to try or just a certain way to pass away the day. Without a doubt, the Jersey Shore has a monopoly on many of these things. Whether it is a quiet afternoon at your favorite fishing spot, your favorite place to get Italian Ice or the beach you frequent…there is no shortage of ways we can Celebrate the Real Jersey Shore. This site is a place we all can get together and share a quick story about a place, thing or time that is truly authentic to the Jersey Shore. So please, stop by often, enjoy the stories and post your thoughts. We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Celebrate the Day, no matter what the weather…



  1. Are you in retail establishments ? If yes, where. I work in retail and would like information on your distribution method or your distributor. Thank you.

    • Hi Jack, we have distribution in most of the state of New Jersey. Where are you located? I’ll provide you with the name of the distributor in your area…

  2. Hi Jack, Recently I was at the Applebees in Hackettstown for dinner. I noticed the display that was set up on the tables. So I asked the waitress about it. She gave me a short history a great review of your beer. I decided to try some. I enjoyed it so much that I had to have a second. At the time I didn’t think of asking about availabilty and a few days later I tried to locate it locally. No one heard of it. I told them where I had it and I wanted to get some for home. They suggested that I get the name of the destributor and said they would talk to them. I called Applebees today and they gave me your web site. If you or someone would give me the destributor ,I would be glad to pass it along to my local stores. I should thank the girls at Applebees for the contact info aqnd turning me on to your beer. I’m sure a note from to them wouldn’t be a bad idea. I live in Budd Lake zip 07828. We have a few stores (3) that I know of plus bars., Stanhope is further than I’d like to travel but will if need be.Thanks

    • Hi Len – Thanks for the comment and glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Beach Haus! We’ll make sure that we give some proper appreciation to that Hackettstown Applebee’s location for helping us make a new Beach Haus fan… Our distributor in Morris County is Kohler Distributing. Their phone number is 973-423-2307. We would love to get our beer carried at your favorite local spots. If you provide us with the names of the establishments, we’ll make a visit to those locations to help them get the beer as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you… Thanks, again.

  3. I’m a drummer in band “Blues Chamber” and we had a gig last night at The Lakeside Pub in Wayne NJ. I usually try any new micro I see on tap at our shows, and last night was my introduction to your Winter Rental. I didn’t know what I was drinking or who created it until this morning when I searched the name on Beer Advocate.com. Nice stuff! I didn’t realize it was a black lager while drinking it, but now that I know it I can attest it’s the best black lager I’ve had. On draught it was task and smooth – Nice roasted flavor, excellent finish, very drinkable. I will keep my eyes open for you for now on. Keep up the good the good brew!

    • Thanks for the giving it a try and glad to hear you enjoyed the Winter Rental. We’ll be releasing a new beer in the next month or so. Be on the lookout for it… You playing anywhere near us in the Point Pleasant Beach area?

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